Room To Imagine is a space for people to come together to learn something new, make friends and express themselves through art. Set in a open-air sun-lit home studio with a small class size for every workshop, we hope to create a relaxed and friendly environment where people can enjoy the process of making art.
We are a studio specialising in the creation of abstract art using Acrylic Pour and Resin as our primary mediums. In the spirit of sharing the joy of art-making, we have designed a range of workshops that do not limit participants by their art experience, i.e. anyone can join. So come with an open mind and be amazed by what you can create.


Cindy is an art maker who enjoys experimenting with a variety of mediums. Her works draws inspiration largely from nature and her emotions. Intrigued by fluid movement of acrylic pours, she uses the medium to create paintings capturing the mysterious beauty of galaxies and oceans. Each piece is like a fingerprint – unique and irreplicable. It is a statement against our modern lifestyle where many things are easily replicable and mass produced.

She believes that art is an endeavour that is healing for the artist as much as it is for the audience.Through art creation, she is empowered to translate her emotions, be it happiness or despair, into something infinitely beautiful and share it with others.



Room To Imagine has been working actively to spread the joy of art-making to more people through collaborations with selected art studios and lifestyle brands. If you represent a brand or workshop space and would like to discuss a collaboration, please drop us an email here.
Alternatively, if you would like to speak to us about corporate workshops, please contact us here.