Frequently Asked Questions

Art Background

  • The Acrylic Pour workshops are designed to make art-making an enjoyable experience for everyone. No prior art background is required for these art lessons.

Age Limit


  • Any workshop purchased is non-refundable. For a change of date or to transfer to another attendee, kindly contact us 1 week prior to workshop. No refunds will be provided for no-shows or cancellations without 1 week’s notice.
  • Any course purchased is non-refundable and non-transferable. The course consists of 4 workshops held consecutively for 4 weeks. Participant should ensure they are able to attend all the lessons before booking, otherwise kindly choose another date to start the course. For a change of date, kindly contact us 1 week prior to the start of the course. No refunds will be provided for no-shows or cancellations without 1 week’s notice. No refunds will be provided mid-way through the course.

Health & Safety Concerns

  • The paints and other materials used in all workshops are non-toxic and generally safe to handle.
  • Artist aprons and gloves are provided as protective wear. Disposable face masks are also available upon request.
  • Workshops are conducted in a semi open-air space for safety reasons and good ventilation.
  • The Acrylic Pour Course (4 Workshops) may involve the use of a hand torch. Participants will be requested to sign an indemnity form on the day of the art lesson.


  • Participants are encouraged to dress light as the workshop will be held in a semi open-air space.
  • Participants are encouraged to wear appropriate clothes and shoes in case of paint stains.
  • Artist aprons and gloves will be provided.

Should you have any questions that we did not address in the FAQ above, kindly email us here or text us via the Live Chat button at the bottom of the page.