Acrylic Pour & Resin Art Jamming


Want to create a large painting for your new home or as a gift to a friend? If you have tried your hand at Acrylic Pour or Resin Art, whether at one of our workshops or by yourself, but lack the necessary art supplies or a suitable space to practise this at home, this is for you!

Join us at the Room To Imagine studio where you have all the space and materials at your disposal to create more wonderful pieces of abstract fluid art. Our Acrylic Pour and Resin Art Jamming sessions serve to create a community space and friendly environment for everyone to realise their artistic ambitions on canvas and make friends with like-minded folks. For any questions, please email us at

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Acrylic Pour & Resin Art Jamming includes:

  • Usage of studio facilities
  • Choice of canvas size (price differs)
  • Studio Grade Pouring Medium  OR ArtResin Clear Epoxy Resin provided according to canvas size 
  • Use of acrylic paint (self-mix with pouring medium) OR colour pigments and inks
  • Additive for lacing effect
  • Artist apron and latex gloves
  • Plastic cups, mixing sticks, palette knives and other tools
  • Complimentary iced beverages and snack bar (self-serve)
  • Drying space and storage for the artworks for up to 1 week

Frequently Asked Questions

I have no art experience, can I join the Acrylic Pour & Resin Art Jamming sessions?

These sessions are only open to those who have joined one of our Acrylic Pour or Resin Art workshops before or have experience practising these on their own. Those with no prior experience are strongly recommended to attend one of our public workshops first. Do note that there will be no lesson included, but our instructors will be on hand to provide light guidance upon request.

Will I be able to get any guidance on creating my artwork?

Our Art Jamming sessions are non-guided, so you are free to create what you wish. Should you require quick clarifications on the tools and materials, our instructors will be on hand to assist. For extensive guidance, we would recommend that you arrange for a private session with us or attend one of our public workshops instead.

Is there any age limit?

The sessions are currently open to adults as well as participants aged 12 and above. We feel that children aged 4 to 12 would benefit from a more structured session and would strongly recommend that they attend our Junior Workshop instead.

Can I do an Art Jamming session while my friend attend one of the Workshops?

Yes, most certainly. For instance, if you’ve already attended our Acrylic Pour Discovery Workshop previously, you’re most welcome to book an Art Jamming session while your friend attends the workshop. Simply email us at to arrange.

What should I do if I can’t finish within the 2-hour session?

All participants are encouraged to complete their artworks in one sitting as the quick-drying nature of Acrylic Pour and Resin Art makes it difficult to work on the painting over a few days. Should you require more time, you are most welcome to extend the session at $10 per hour per person. Additional canvases are also available at additional charge.

Alternatively if you plan to add a layer of varnish or resin, or other details to the artwork after it has dried, you will need to return for a second session. Kindly email us to check on the rates and arrange for a date.

How do I take my artwork home?

We would recommend participants to leave the artwork to dry at the studio and arrange for a self-collection within 1 week. Delivery can be also arranged at additional charge.

Kindly read the terms and conditions of the art class before registering.