Acrylic Pour Discovery Workshop


Experience the joy of acrylic pouring with our Discovery Workshop. Understand the nature of acrylic paint and how it differs from other types of paint. Learn about the materials and tools involved in this energetic art form. Walk through basic techniques with hands-on practice.

Enjoy personalised guidance from the instructor and interaction with a small class in a cozy home studio setting. Practise on postcard-size canvas panels and then create your own unique artwork on a stretched canvas with confidence.

This art class requires no prior art background. There is no age limit for the Acrylic Pour Discovery Workshop, but it is most enjoyable for adults as well as participants aged 12 and above. Children aged 4 to 11 are recommended to attend the Junior Workshop.

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Duration: 2 hours to 2 h 30 mins

Wondering what we teach in our Acrylic Pour Discovery Workshop? Here’s a snippet of one of the techniques we share in class!

Learn to create beautiful abstract art in just hours, without the use of traditional brushes. We call it painting with gravity! No prior art background required and all materials provided. Small class size in a friendly and relaxed environment. So come and join us for a fun session of art-making!

Materials and tools provided:

  • 3 x canvas panels (postcard size)
  • 1 x stretched canvas (20x20cm) 
  • Liquid acrylic paint (concocted with our Studio Grade Pouring Medium)
  • Additive for lacing effect
  • Artist apron and latex gloves
  • Plastic cups, mixing sticks, palette knives and other tools
  • Complimentary light refreshment
  • Complimentary registered postage of artwork to your local address within 2 weeks
    • Complimentary postage only applicable for Discovery Workshop registered via our website and not through our partners
Need more room to express yourself? Request for additional canvases or to upgrade the size of the canvas. Additional charges apply.

Kindly read the terms and conditions of the art class before registering.