Pouring Medium


Originally designed to improve paint levelling and reduce brush marks, the Pouring Medium, or Self-Levelling Medium, is a key “ingredient” for Acrylic Pour Art. We stock several grades of Pouring Medium for your selection, all of which are sourced from USA to ensure high quality materials for your art.

Choose from any of the three options: Artist Grade, Studio Grade and Kids-Friendly. We are using the Studio Grade for most of our workshops. Refer to table below for a detailed comparison.

Check out our handy Acrylic Pour Calculator to determine the volume of paint mixture you’ll need for your new artwork.


  Artist Grade Studio Grade For Kids
Working Time Normal Long Short
Reduced Colour Shift Excellent Good Poor
Reduced Crazing, Cracks, Bubbles Excellent Good Poor
UV-Resistancy High High Low
Water-Resistancy High High Low
Drying Time Fast Normal Fast
Finish Glossy Matte Glossy
Price $$$ $$ $
Overall 5 / 5 4.5 / 5 3 / 5
Best for Artist / Enthusiast Beginner / Student Children


Artist Grade Pouring Medium

  • The preferred choice for Acrylic Pour Art enthusiasts and artists
  • Translucent solution that dries clear; minimal colour shift
  • Does not craze, crack or hold bubbles in the paint film upon drying
  • Glossy finish when dry
  • Non-yellowing and water-resistant when dry

Studio Grade Pouring Medium

  • An economical choice for those just starting on Acrylic Pour Art
  • The same pouring medium used at our workshops
  • Milky white solution that dries clear; reduced colour shift
  • Extended working time
  • Matte finish when dry; reduced sheen when used with glossy paint
  • Non-yellowing and water-resistant when dry
  • Shake well before use as it tends to separate into two layers with time

Kids-friendly Pouring Medium

  • Safe for use with children aged six and above with parental supervision
  • Milky white solution that dries clear
  • Glossy finish when dry
  • Non-permanent formula that’s perfect for use with washable kids’ paint


  • Use with acrylic-based or water-based paints only
  • Shake bottle well before use
  • Stir well when mixing with paint to achieve a good consistency
  • Paint-to-medium ratio may vary depending on brand of paint used in the mixture 
  • Handle with gloves for ease of washing up and as good safety practice
  • Non-flammable under normal use conditions
  • Work in a well-ventilated space to minimise exposure to any fumes released while torching
  • Drying time may vary depending on the humidity of the room and the paint-to-medium ratio


  • Store away from direct heat and light, at temperatures between 10 to 32 degrees Celsius
  • Replace the lid securely after use to avoid drying out
  • Recommended shelf life of 12 months from purchase date


  • These products are generally safe for home use when handled properly
  • If in contact with eyes or on skin, rinse thoroughly with clear water for 15 minutes
  • If respiratory discomfort occurs, move the person to fresh air
  • If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Contact your physician immediately

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