Room To Imagine is an independent artist-led studio specialising in Acrylic Pour and Resin Pour Art workshops. It is an art sanctuary where we encourage creativity, curiosity, and conversations. We love to see strangers come together in our space to learn something new, experiment and create, meet new people, and leave with a smile on their faces.
So join us now on an adventure to discover the artistic side that you’ve never thought you had.
Do also check out IMAGINE THE WORLD, an initiative run by Room To Imagine. Learn a new art form or craft at workshops run by our collective of local artists and artisans. Get upclose and personal with them through our interviews, showcases and other community events. Come on over to experience the raw creative energy of Singapore.


Beyond teaching art, we are about creating unforgettable art experiences to help brands tell their stories. If you are a brand owner or event agency looking for a reliable partner to add an creative touch to your product launch or media event, contact us to discuss more. We are also open to discuss corporate workshops for team bonding or staff retreats.