Private Workshops

Fill your life with experiences, not things. Have incredible stories to tell, not just stuff to show.

Let us help plan your next celebration

The best memories are made by spending quality time together. Whether you’re planning a birthday celebration, looking for an anniversary gift or marking your move into a new home, this unique art experience definitely sits high on the list of best gifts to receive.

Many participants have created beautiful pieces that are wonderful in adding character and infusing memories into their homes. We are always up for creating a memorable experience for you. If you are planning any surprise, do let us know how we can help. We make wonderful conspirators.

BONUS! Receive a time-lapse video and photos of your art-making process that you can look back on years later to reminisce the special day. This complimentary service is entirely out of goodwill and is subject to availability. Do check with us when booking the session to arrange.


Rates will vary depending on the number of participants, type of workshop and the preferred date. Do note that this is a personalised service compared to the public workshops with fixed dates and open to all, so the rates may differ. We are happy to explain more in detail. Contact us for a chat so we may advise on the best options available.

Email with your requirements and we will get back to you shortly to discuss further.

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BRIDAL SHOWERS / BABY SHOWERS — Great for Girls’ Day Out

Round up the squad for a creative session at our studio. For a group of minimum 4 persons, we can discuss booking out the studio for the duration of the workshop for maximum privacy and fun.

Recommended: Botanical Luxe Resin Dish Workshop | Resin Floral Letter Workshop | Fluid Art Clock Workshop

BONUS ! Enjoy the comfort of our lounge area for up to 30 minutes after the session to sit and chill with the group. The studio is fully equipped with a music speaker, mini fridge and utensils that you can request to use, should you want to bring a bottle of bubbly or cake. 

Note: This complimentary service is entirely out of goodwill and is subject to availability. Do check with us when booking the session to arrange.

BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION — Great for Small Group Parties

Level up your next birthday party with an unforgettable art activity that everyone would love! Besides hosting at our studio, there is also the option of an onsite art workshop if you prefer to hold it at your home, poolside or function room. And it’s not just kids who have all the fun! We conduct birthday workshops for adults too 🙂

Recommended (kids): Fluid Art Bear Jamming | Resin Art Platter Workshop

Recommended (adults): Resin Art Coaster Workshop | Resin Crystal Cheeseboard Workshop

WEDDING ANNIVERSARY — Great for Couple Celebration

Just moved into your new home with your significant other and looking for a piece to spruce up the blank wall? Or is your wedding anniversary coming up and looking for a special experience to mark the date? This is the perfect activity then. You will get to make beautiful memories together and have a piece of artwork that will be a conversation piece for years to come.

Recommended: Acrylic Pour Statement Canvas Experience | Minimalist Textured Art Workshop | Resin Coffee Table Workshop

PRIVATE MASTERCLASS — Great for Art Enthusiast Looking to Level Up

Do you feel you’re not learning as fast as you would like at a regular workshop? Do you have a schedule that doesn’t fit in with our class schedule? Reserve a one-on-one session with our instructor for personalised guidance and hone your art techniques at your own pace.

The session can be fully customised for your needs instead of following a fixed workshop curriculum. It provides ample time to identify your strengths and work on improving your weaknesses, and gives you room to develop your own style and maybe even a body of works. In addition, we can plan for a series of sessions instead of single classes as well.

As this is a very personalised workshop with an highly experienced instructor, the rates will be significantly higher than a public workshop. Contact us for a chat and we can work out something together.

Recommended: Acrylic Pour Statement Canvas Experience | Minimalist Textured Art Workshop | Fully customisable