Acrylic Pour Premixed Colours


Create gorgeous fluid art straight from the bottles with these Acrylic Pour Premixed Colours. These ready-to-pour richly pigmented colours are hand-blended in the studio upon order. Using our tested-and-proven formula, the paints come in a fluid consistency that is perfect for acrylic pouring. Comes in 21 colours, in 200ml and 500ml bottles.


  • Ready-to-pour colours for Acrylic Pour Art
  • Blended with Studio Grade Pouring Medium
  • Matte finish with good lightfastness
  • Dries to a permanent, flexible film
  • Strong adherence when dry, suitable for most surfaces
  • Blended only upon order to ensure longer shelf life for your use


We have been told by many of our workshop participants that it can be challenging for a beginner to get the perfect consistency for pouring at home, even though we do share our paint formula during the class. These Acrylic Pour Premixed Colours are the same formulation we use for our Acrylic Pour workshops, so you can replicate with ease what you have learnt with us or watched online.

Recommended to use within 3 months, although we know the paints are usually used up faster than that. Keep lid tightly closed after use, store away from direct sunlight and always shake well before use. Depending on the storage conditions, the paint may separate into two layers if left for some time, simply shake to combine.

Packaging note: The 200ml option comes in a nozzle bottle while the 500ml option comes with a regular screw-on lid. Room To Imagine reserve all rights to update the packaging of the paints according to operational needs.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 15 × 4 × 4 cm