Hot Air Gun


The Hot Air Gun is an essential tool for Acrylic Pour Art and Resin Art. The handheld tool can be easily operated with one hand and perfectly safe for those who may be apprehensive about handling an Refillable Butane Torch. The hot air gun enables easy manipulation of paint or resin over a flat surface, creating unique designs and lacing effect when used with the right art materials. Unlike a hairdryer, the narrow nozzle and moderate air flow of the hot air gun provide optimum control over the movement of the paint. 


  • 220V / 50Hz / 300W
  • Safe temperature of under 200°C
  • Protective nozzle to avoid scalding
  • Fits easily in one hand
  • Easy ignition with on-off switch
  • Easy to operate even for beginners
  • Power supply cord: 0.9M

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Unsure of which tools to use? Below is a comparison of commonly used tools:

  Hot Air Gun Hairdryer Compressed Air Butane Torch
Air Flow Normal Strong Very Strong
Heat Mild Strong Very Strong
Open Flame Yes
Nozzle Size Narrow Wide Very Narrow Narrow
Ease of Control Easy May need to modify the nozzle May need practice Easy
Reusable Yes Yes Yes, refillable
Price $ $$ $$$ (non-reusable) $
Recommended for Manipulating acrylic pour, resin and alcohol inks Dutch Pour technique Dutch Pour technique Removing air bubbles, and inducing cells in both acrylic pour and resin. Good for use with liquid silicone

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