resi-BLAST Art Dispersion Media 25ml


resi-BLAST is a single part polymeric liquid that reacts with wet epoxy, polyester and polyurethane resins by repelling itself away, thereby stimulating movement in concentric outward circles. It is not a paint or resin and will not cure on its own. This dispersion reaction is designed to create motion into self contained cellular structures as seen in the photos provided by the manufacturer.

  • Creates cells and lacing in art resin
  • Safe & user friendly
  • Odourless
  • Non-toxic & non-flammable
  • Non-VOC formula with no aggressive chemical, solvent or alcohol ink content

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For best results, add one or two drops of resi-BLAST to a couple of your pigmented cups of resin, pour the resin mixture onto your work and watch the cells form. Applying heat to the area with a heat gun will enhance the effects.

Alternatively droplets can be added to the pigmented resin surface immediately after mixing/pigmentation. Movement happens immediately and can be further enhanced by applying heat in that area. Do not wait for the resin to gel or partially cure as resi-BLAST will not work.

resi-BLAST will not react or retard the curing cycle of the resin. The additive may leave shallow uniform depressions in the resin surface which can add to its optical effect. In addition any residue of the additive will migrate to the surface of the resin and should be wiped off with a dry cloth after the resin has fully cured, please see individual product datasheets for this info. This residue can also act as a polish layer to further enhance a glossy resin surface. 

resi-BLAST ASTM certification PDF

resi-BLAST Technical Data Sheet PDF

resi-BLAST Safety Data Sheet PDF


Manufacturer’s Note: resi-BLAST was developed and tested with Eli-Chem Resin’s own proprietary artwork resins, which includes MasterCast 1-2-1, totalCAST, UltraCast XT, General Purpose Clear Epoxy resin and CER (Clear Epoxy Rigid resin). Similarly the pigments used are exclusively from their own resi-TINT range. As a result they are not able to offer technical advice or performance warranties when used with other brands of resins and pigments. 

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