Acrylic Paint – Pebeo


These Acrylic Paints are thick, richly pigmented paints that give artists the ability to play with texture and dimension in their work. These lightfast, high viscosity acrylics dry to a permanent, flexible film, and work well with our Pouring Medium to create a consistency that is perfect for Acrylic Pour Art.


The Pébéo Studio Acrylic High Viscosity Paints are developed with the same precision as the Extra Fine series. This range has been created by artists and specialists to improve technical possibilities. The formula guarantees the absence of heavy metals which are toxic and damaging to the environment.


  • Deep colours with rich pigmentation that are easily blendable
  • Satin finish with excellent lightfastness
  • Dries to a permanent, flexible film
  • Strong adherence when dry, suitable for most surfaces
  • Perfect for use with a Pouring Medium for Acrylic Pour
  • High viscosity that is great for working in dimension
  • Retains the mark of the paintbrush or painting knife and can be used alone or with the Pebeo Acrylic mediums
  • Perfect for collage work, layering, adding inclusions and a variety of mixed media applications

Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 6.2 × 3.6 × 15.7 cm