Fluid Art Kit – Disposables


Enjoy the fun of Acrylic Pour and Resin Art in the comfort of your home with our Fluid Art Kit – Disposables. All of the items are disposable, which makes for easy clean-up. Perfect if you wish to try out this addictive art form without making a mess of your house.

Large Kit

  • Mixing Cups, Assorted (50ML, 100ML, 300ML, or similar) – 50 + 50 + 10 pcs each
  • Mixing Sticks, Assorted – 110 pcs
  • Latex Gloves, L size – 20 pairs
  • Disposable Apron – 10 pcs
  • Table Protector Sheet – 10 pcs

Regular Kit

  • Mixing Cups, Assorted (100ML & 240ML, or similar) – 30 pcs
  • Mixing Sticks, Assorted – 30 pcs
  • Latex Gloves, L size – 10 pairs
  • Disposable Apron – 4 pcs
  • Table Protector Sheet – 2 pcs

Mini Kit

  • Mixing Cups, Assorted (25ML & 50ML, or similar) – 10 pcs
  • Mixing Sticks, Assorted – 10 pcs
  • Latex Gloves, L size – 2 pairs
  • Disposable Apron – 1 pcs
  • Table Protector Sheet – 1 pcs


Due to the nature of Fluid Art, a considerable amount of disposables are used for the creation of works. We are aware of this and we do have tips on how to reduce waste and reuse certain items, which will be shared in an article on our website soon. We also have plans to launch an eco-friendlier version of this kit with reusable materials, so keep watching this page!

*Note: Room To Imagine reserves all rights to update the contents of the box as we constantly seek to improve our products. Please refer to this page or exterior of each kit for the updated list of materials included.

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