Resin Canvas Kit


Looking for something new to do at home? Have you seen what Resin can do? Resin Pour Art is an unconventional way of painting using gravity. Now you can try this in the convenience of your home with our Resin Canvas Kit.

Choose between 2 sets of beautifully curated colours – Galaxy or Ocean, and get creative! Receive our art supplies wherever you are located with our international shipping options. Email us to check on the charges if you’re located outside of Singapore.


All of the materials are carefully curated and the same ones that we use in the studio for workshops. Comes with a set of disposables, which makes for easy clean-up. Perfect if you wish to try out this addictive art form without the hassle of finding the necessary art supplies or making a mess of your house!

Resin Canvas Kit includes:

  • Stretched Canvas, Round 30cm diameter – 1 pc
  • ArtResin Epoxy Set
  • Pearlescent Colour Pigment Set
      • Choose one of two sets of colours:
          • Ocean Colours – Turquoise, Aqua, Navy Blue, White, Gold, or similar colours*
          • Galaxy Colours – Magenta, Orange, Green, Purple, Black, or similar colours*
          • *Note that out-of-stock colours may be replaced with similar colours. 
  • Mixing Cups, Assorted
  • Mixing Sticks, Assorted
  • Latex Gloves – 1 pair
  • Disposable Apron – 1 pc
  • Table Protector Sheet – 1 pc
  • BONUS! Receive our online Stay-Home Guide on Resin Art filled with easy-to-follow instructions and some pro-tips.

Optional Add-Ons:

*Note: Room To Imagine reserves all rights to update the contents of the box as we constantly seek to improve our products. Please refer to this page for the updated list of materials included.

While our Art Experience Kits are designed to be safe for home use, some art materials still contain chemicals that may be hazardous when in direct contact with the eyes, nose and mouth. Kindly exercise caution, use the protective wear provided and follow the instructions in the guide closely. Young children should be under adult supervision when using this kit. Have fun and make art safely!

Looking for online guidance? Register here for our Resin Canvas Virtual Workshop

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