Fun with Colours! Parent-Child Workshop

Experience a morning of fun getting your hands dirty with our Parent-Child Art Workshop! Let your child get in touch with their creative side and have a great time creating incredible abstract art with their favourite colours. Parents are able to join the class for a memorable bonding session with the young ones. 
An easy-to-follow workshop that promises immense fun as both parent and child get to identify and express their emotions through colours. Through hands-on play and interaction with the instructor, you will be able to create paintings with acrylic pour techniques in colours that best represents themselves. Using a specially concocted liquid paint mixture, you will be awed at how the paint morph and change as you tilt and move the canvas. Create a unique piece of artwork, as well as assemble and decorate a wet canvas box to pack your artwork in.
All materials are provided. This workshop is about 60 minutes long. Suitable for children aged 6 and above. No prior art experience required. Workshop price per adult is the same as for the child.


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Duration: 1 hour

Materials and tools provided:

  • 1 x canvas panel (20x20cm)
  • Liquid acrylic paint (concocted with our Kids-friendly Pouring Medium)
  • Artist apron and latex gloves
  • Plastic cups, mixing sticks, palette knives and other tools
  • Complimentary light refreshment
  • Wet canvas box to take artwork home in
Need more room to express yourself? Request for additional canvases or to upgrade the size of the canvas. Additional charges apply.

Kindly read the terms and conditions of the art class before registering.